.a look back at 2017.

guys, 2018 is basically HERE and I'm flipping out over how fast 2017 flew by! I was pregnant for most of the year, and I can't even believe our baby is already 2 months old! I feel like she just got here and that I was pregnant like, yesterday ;) 

so while the highlight of my year was definitely finding out I was pregnant, sharing our announcement (read here) and finally getting to meet our sweet Indie Hazel (read her birth story here), our year was also filled with some other fun things that weren't 'baby' focused ;) 

- we went to Seattle,
- bought and sold a few cars
- I was an Albion Fit maven over the summer
- my sister went on her LDS mission to Florida in August
I got to work with some fun brands for my blog 
- my Instagram and Youtube have grown from your support!  
- I turned 25 (read 25 facts about me here)

listed above were just a few of the major things, 
looking back I think we had a great year and we had a lot of fun!

below I've shared a few of my top favorite outfits from 2017 :) which look is your favorite?

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