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Hi! I’m Jensyn, married to the love of my life and best friend, Nash – together we have THREE amazing daughters, Navi, Indie and Laci. I literally feel I’m ‘living the dream’ and am so blessed to be their mom.Β 

Stripes in Bloom began in fall of 2013, I was living in Nevada at the time, and had wanted to start a style blog and so being out there, away from family – I just went for it! looking back, it wasn’t much πŸ˜‰ and we didn’t quite know what we were doing or how I could even make money from blogging. I just had a passion for sharing my outfits, so though it was FAR from perfect, I’m so glad I started.Β 

Stripes in Bloom is a creative outlet for me, from sharing my daily outfits, talking kids fashion, my favorite makeup and hair products, getting deeper with conversations on confidence and happiness (etc), I love achieving the ‘designer look for less’ and sharing how to shop the high end for a lower budget!

Stripes in Bloom represents growth, represents learning and navigating through life, finding my purpose and ‘blooming‘ into who I am.Β I love stripes and I love flowers so the name ‘Stripes in Bloom’ just made sense – and I LOVE it.Β 

I’m a skincare junkie and love makeup so of course I’m obsessed with Beautycounter — shop with me here

Thank you for following along!Β 

xo, JensΒ