I also use this method on my shorter hair using the same 1 inch T3 iron. it’s a little trickier just because I can’t wrap the hair around as many times, but I can still achieve the look. the top layer I give a little more focus and attention to for this hair style anyway. (see my longer hair styled in this post)

depending on how tight you want the ‘beach waves’ – you just do smaller or larger sections of hair when you’re wrapping it around the barrel.

I thought I’d share some of my all time favorite hair products here .. these products are tried and true – I use them and LOVE them!

curling ironmy curling iron I’ve owned for about 2 years. I love the T3 collection so much. there are multiple heat settings, and the quality is so amazing. I use mine on heat level 2.

*best tip about the curling iron that I have from T3 is that the barrel is interchangeable – the collections I own are the Twirl Trio (curling irons) and the Whirl Trio (wands) – in various sizes and shapes so that you get a variety of looks ALL while just swapping out the attachments!

hairspray – I love this tresemme hairspray because it actually holds my hair in place. I love the scent too! this can is HUGE and has lasted me ages too.

dry shampoo – I don’t use it often, usually on third or fourth day hair and I like the scent. it doesn’t leave a huge white cast and I feel like I can get volume without my hair feeling icky afterwards.

heat protectant – I love this heat shield and use it before I blow dry my hair, the scent is so good and I really believe it’s helped protect my hair.

texture spray – I know, I know .. I’ve stated that I love the scent of all the products above – but smells are IMPORTANT to me lol and THIS one is SO DANG YUMMY. haha, but really. trust me on this – it’s like summer in a bottle! and it really helps give my curls some texture (which I love and think is PERFECT for a beach wave hair style!)

I hope you enjoyed watching my how I curl my hair tutorial.

somedays I decide to curl my hair all in one direction, and others I decide to switch it up and alternate facing away and towards my face. it really depends on my mood and how much time I have to do my hair. the pictures featured above are all one direction but the video showcases the hair going in alternate ways.

what’s your favorite way to wear your hair??

I love the volume and shape that my waves give me, so I opt for curly hair most of the time. thanks again for your support!

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