I wanted to say a few things about this diaper bag that I don’t think I touched on in the video 🙂 

overall design + inside pockets : 

I LIKE this bag A LOT. it’s really cute, it is very well made and I adore the overall design of the bag. there are a lot of useful pockets inside the diaper bag and I enjoy the depth of those pockets. the size 1 + 5 diapers we are currently using tuck away perfectly inside and they don’t hang out above the pocket.

outside pockets : 

the outside pockets aren’t -as- useful as I would have liked, the front zip pocket is quite thin and unless you want something bulging out in front – I wouldn’t use this pocket for anything, maybe it’d be great for coupons or loose small papers but I can’t see a function for it. the back pocket is supposed to be to stow away the backpack straps when not in use – which is brilliant! I LOVE this design feature, and especially love the tiny spots on the back bottom corners for the metal clips to be tucked away too. 

strap options : 

you can use this bag three ways; as a backpack (my main use), a messenger style (that can be slung cross body) or by the top handle. I really like the top handle because it can hook easily on backs of bathroom stalls or changing tables! no setting it on the floor 😉 yay!

color options : 

I chose black (mainly because that was the only color my husband liked 😉 but Freshly Picked has a variety, they do a gray, a cognac brown, navy, cream and blush pink in addition to the black. they’re all gorgeous and it was SO hard to choose a color.

extras : 

this bag does come with a changing pad and the inside is lined with a vinyl type fabric so it can easily be cleaned! big bonus! some bags are lined with like a cotton fabric and stain. I also like the black bag has a light gray inside – I HATE when bags are lined in black or other dark colors – they become a ‘black hole’ and things get lost. I can actually see inside this diaper bag and I love that. 

I have found that this bag isn’t as deep as my previous diaper bag and I like that because I don’t feel like my arm is getting swallowed up when I reach in. it’s the perfect height. it is 13″ wide x 15″ high x 7″ deep .. the straps are adjustable and the flap on top has a magnetic closure so even if you don’t zip it – it can shut. 

** note about the drink slots on the sides **

I have found that if I don’t stuff the sides with my bulky items such as; the crayon pouch or thick diapers, I am able to put bottles and water bottles in the outer side pockets. I realized that Navi doesn’t color that often unless we’re at church so we don’t need to carry the crayons with us everywhere – we’ll swap out things for Sunday activities or as our needs change but for now we aren’t putting the crayons in the diaper bag 🙂 this has helped a ton. 

if you have questions let me know I’d be happy to answer them 🙂 

I bought this bag with my own money 🙂 and all opinions are my own (as always) I do use affiliate links, which means I may make a commission based on your purchases made using my links – don’t feel like you have to use the links provided but if you do – thank you! you are supporting my family and business of blogging. 

bag, in other colors here  

thanks for watching 🙂 

xo, Jensyn 

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