we got a bit of snow last weekend but it’s already melting, the air is just so frigid and I swear there’s always a breeze so the weather hasn’t been very pleasant for pictures. this look was taken a couple sundays ago, and I know it’s an outfit I’ll wear over and over 🙂 I’m excited to wear this dress in the spring and summer with wedges and denim jackets too. I’m much more of a warm weather kind of girl 😉 

nordstrom cardigan // rachel parcell dress, no longer available // lace up flats, old 

thanks for reading my friends! I’m grateful everyday for those of you that truly care and take the time to check out my blog, it means so much 🙂 and just with all the things that are going on over social media right now, in particular instagram — and the idea of perfectionism and people believing that what they see IS reality – well I’ll tell you my reality – I haven’t changed my outfit since Sunday, I’m FINALLY planning on washing my hair today and putting on different clothes, I’m getting sick (I can tell in my nose and throat – yucky!) I watch kids’ shows and play with my daughters all day, I had to change two blowout diapers yesterday and my husband works and does school full time – so I rarely see him these days … I’m SO far from perfect, my life, my marriage, my relationship with my kids, my family, my God, I have SO much I need to work on – but I also can be GRATEFUL for my own life. LOVE my OWN life. LIVE my BEST life as my best self! it’s something I strive for – and I have certainly had my down moments, feeling unhappy with my life, feeling down about what I haven’t done, or things I don’t have, but all that does is make you feel worse. if we can look for the positive even if it is literally the tiniest thing and maybe it’s just 1 good thing – I know we can be happier and truly find joy and love ourselves and our individual lives. 

we have to be in control of our own lives, we need to be involved in our kids’ lives – they need to be educated that what is portrayed on social media isn’t all that it seems. I’ve been caught up in comparing myself before and it’s not a happy place mentally to be. we need to cultivate and support the things that make us happy 🙂 someone posted yesterday sharing a story that if a girl were to post a picture with slightly more skin showing than the last picture and she gets more likes on the newest post, she’s going to (along with her peers) feel like THAT is what gets attention and likes and they’ll continue down that path because they want to feel admired, loved, liked. they’re going to do what it takes to gain that “love” – it’s a high. it only lasts for a moment and then they have to do it again to feel accepted. ultimately this boils down to self love. you’ve got to do what makes YOU happy, and what brings you joy and keeps you confident in yourself. we must teach others and be aware of the staging that goes into blogposts. yes, what I share is real because these are my actual outfits and my kids, my home, my makeup routines .. but they can be staged because I cleaned my room for the photoshoot 😉 but really who in the heck wants to see my mess? all I’m saying is this stems from feeling inadequate and I DO NOT think it’s okay to bully, cyber bully or rip others apart and tear them down … we are only going to all suffer. but if we can build others up – support them – like their pictures – follow their blogs – say kind things – it only builds them up.

let’s celebrate the good and happy in others’ lives! we can be proud of them, happy for them, we can cry along with them, we can cheer for them, we CAN be positive towards other people and I promise it will lift us up too. 

thanks for sticking around 😉 I like to share my love of fashion and beauty here on my little space of the internet, but that doesn’t mean I’m ALWAYS dressed to the nines. remember that. remember that my house is seriously a mess – I’ve got two babies, a dog and let’s be honest – I’M the messier one between my husband and I. I like it to be clean but that doesn’t mean it always happens 😉 nobody is PERFECT and nobody is the same and that’s the beauty of it all 🙂 

xo, Jensyn 

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