I was so excited to have Bailey, [my good friend and hair master] style my hair and makeup for a night out. I love the shimmery smokey eye for a New Year’s look but I also love it for date night. the mix of golds and silvers dancing on my eyes made me never want to wash it off! we wanted the eyes to really shine so keeping the lips neutral perfectly balanced this makeup look 

and let’s talk about this hair! Bailey created the coolest style using twists, knots and loops. I’m known for always curling my hair so leaving it straight and adding a few unique elements with the knots was an awesome change for me. 2018 I’m going to get out of my comfort zone more often! 

a few goals for 2018 

– work out 3x a week 

– read scriptures when I wake up every day

– be more patient

– save my money and buy a designer bag

– make a nicer (meaning not just frozen chicken nuggets) dinner 3 nights a week 

– work with 1 brand a month for my blog 

– date night with my husband twice a month 

– do my visiting teaching for my church 

– playtime with my girls everyday 

– family home evenings once a week 

– hang out with girlfriends once a month

these goals I’ve set for myself I feel are realistic and attainable in my life right now, I may add some as the year goes on but I’m feeling good about my list so far 🙂 what are your goals for 2018?

huge thank you to Bailey for doing my hair and makeup – guys she’s so good and if you live in the area I totally recommend her. if you have events coming up, weddings, photo shoots, just want to get dolled up – maybe for your birthday or anniversary – hit her up and see her! 🙂 she’ll take amazing care of you! 🙂 here is her Instagram – give her a follow! 

thanks for reading my friends 🙂 thanks for making 2017 a great one!

xo, Jensyn

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