coat, old found at Bohme // Old Navy peplum tee // Hollister white denim // Ugg boots // LipSense lipstick // Essie gel couture in ‘gala-vanting‘ 

 photo jensynsig_zps5647e22c.png

 I was so excited for this week’s post because I love lipstick 😉 and let’s be real – ALL makeup – so to see these ladies’ picks was something I was not about to miss! be sure to head to their blogs to get the deets on their makeup looks 🙂 and of course the cute outfits to go with 😉 

 Candice of Hello Pretties // Lindsay of Middle of Somewhere // Paige of Hometown Heels // Megan of Being Mrs. Fowler 

Alexandra of Finding Alexandra // Chelsea of Simply Pett // Heather of Heathered Hearts // Jensyn of Stripes in Bloom 

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