here’s a little video I made up of our visit to Utah’s Hogle Zoo! it was our daughter Navi’s first time, and Nash and I hadn’t been there in seriously soooo long – like at least 10 years. it was fun too see all the animals! especially the lion cubs 🙂 

I thought seeing the snow leopard, lions, grizzly bears, and elephants were the best! and I’ll admit I got a bit teary eyed when they brought out the bald eagles at the bird show! 😉 I just have a love of animals – and those who serve our country! 

the zoo was seriously such a great time! and we can’t wait to go again 🙂 I felt like an awesome National Geographic photographer – and thought THAT would be an amazing job! I’m super animal obsessed and decided I’ll probably put some of these pictures up in my home 🙂 

this bear had just walked under the waterfall 🙂 

one of the cubs 🙂 there were 3 – two boys and a girl 

seeing the lions totally took me back to my Lion King loving days – seriously. I was Simba for Halloween when I was younger! I LOVED lions! I had all the toys/clothes of the Lion King and to this day lions are still one of my very favorite animals. 

the sweet orangutan’s are brother and sister 🙂 

Navi loved looking through the glass at the sea lions, they were trickier to catch in images, but the videos turned out awesome! 

and how beautiful are these birds right?! dying!! 

our snow leopard friend, who found a bone 😉 lol maybe a tad unusual to see/photograph but this is real life, animals eat meat so yeah – we get to see it 🙂 😉 

Navi loved the snow leopard so much that in the gift shop she picked out the cutest stuffed animal one to take home – I know she won’t remember her first visit – but having the video and pictures and when we take her on future adventures, I hope she’ll be able to learn to love that we have these memories and all the memories we will create 🙂 

thanks for watching!
have a great day!! 🙂 

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