I never thought I’d be the gal that would be caught in yellow. 😉 it’s never been a flattering color, but last year when I bought this cardigan – I was pregnant (you can find my post here) and I had found the prettiest floral dress in yellow and purple, so of course, I needed something to pair with it. 🙂 and my love for yellow began! A way I spice up a tee and jeans outfit, is by wearing unique tee shirts. I like different textures or patterns that elevate it. or fun shoes of course 😉 

I was taking a picture of the tree behind me and Nash was teasing me to put my phone away, so I’ve got some funny shots today 😉 I’m never too serious! I was also happy we caught Berlin in a picture. She’s obsessed with chasing birds and barking at anything and everything so for her to stay nearby was a miracle 🙂 

what do you think of yellow? and for cute cardigans, you never know when you might need to layer up 😉 

thank you for reading 🙂 

I always appreciate your support! 

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