this look is seriously one of my favorites as of late 😉 do I say that every day????? probably. am I going to stop?? probably not 😉 haha. being honest though, this outfit is so easy and so comfy. I love high waisted denim, slightly baggy tee shirts and hair out of my face – so this look is a major win!! 

I like having the jacket as an option because let’s get real, April is rainy, breezy and I live in utah, so there’s a chance of snow 😉 the jacket also adds a great textural element and is that piece of interest. I got this hat for my 22nd birthday – I’m having a rough time thinking I’ll be 24 this year 🙁 that’s not old, but it’s not young either … there are a lot of things I thought would be different in my life by now. so I say to that, just because life doesn’t go as you planned doesn’t mean it’s wrong. there’s just another path or steps necessary to get you where you want to go 🙂 or maybe there’s an entirely different course you’re meant to travel 🙂 I have a lot of work ahead of me in order to reach my goals and I’m going to do it. are you? 

have a great day friends! thanks for reading! 

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