the video above shares an easy homemade royal icing recipe and includes a ‘how to’ of how Kenzie and I have used this recipe to decorate our homemade sugar cookies 🙂 the royal icing recipe we found off of pinterest, the original source is .. linked here

today I’m sharing a yummy drink to pair with your very yummy sugar cookies! 😉 while the cookies might not come out absolutely perfect – they will taste that way! 

for this yummy drink you’ll need 

Sprite and Raspberry sherbet! 

seriously, that’s it! 😉 

two – three scoops of raspberry sherbet worked perfectly for our glasses, pour the Sprite over and enjoy!! 

here’s a tip too … when decorating 😉 be sure to spell things correctly. ‘j’adore’ — totally forgot the A! 😉 face palm moment!! oh well! I’m ashamed to say I took French in jr. high too. just goes to show that I’m human and make (lots) of mistakes. we had fun doing this mini shoot and loved these treats!!! I wasn’t kidding at Christmas when I said sugar cookies needed to come around every holiday. 😉 

thanks for stopping by! let us know if you try these recipes! 

Kenz’s blog‘xoxo’ tee (i’m in an xs) 

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