Hey my friends! so I’m at the last bit of my 36th week going into my 37th and thought I’d share a little bit that’s been going on 🙂 just details and questions that I’ve been getting asked. I answer a few in the video but I totally forgot to mention some other things!! (pregnancy brain 😉 

I have been feeling what I consider to be maybe braxton hicks contractions – they feel almost like period cramps .. (no fun!) and they are starting to become more frequent. my body is prepping itself for this crazy event!! 🙂 I’m excited though! 

Like I stated in the video, I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated .. I feel this has helped with the weight gain and swelling but I also feel like it’s helped with my stretching skin. I don’t think I have any stretch marks … yet (knocking on all wood!) lol .. I have been using Bio Oil since about the second trimester (wish I started sooner) and lotion since I found out I was pregnant. I’m not sure if these methods will work for everyone – but they’ve worked for me this far. 

I have not been sensitive to foods or been sick in really anyway 🙂 I get a teeny bit nauseous when I’m around perfumes (so work gets difficult) but I can usually manage. I have not worked out while being pregnant. I wasn’t in an active fitness routine before I got pregnant so I didn’t want to hurt myself or the baby trying to start something 😉 I’m waiting until after she’s born to get back into a regular routine 🙂 I have quite a few friends that are members at gyms and seriously can’t wait to get back to even better than I was before – I want to be healthy for my daughter and for my family. 🙂 

thank you so much for hanging out and checking in on how I’ve been doing 🙂 

have a fabulous day!! 

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