hey my friends! 

I'm Jensyn, writer and creator of Stripes in Bloom 

I created Stripes in Bloom to be an outlet of my love of fashion, good finds as well as a few splurges here and there ;) because when Burberry is calling your name, you answer back! 

(just kidding, I don't own any Burberry .. yet .. ) 

Here I share bits of my life as a wife to a wonderful husband of 3 years and mommy to our sweet pomeranian, Berlin and in sept of 2015, I became a first time baby momma to our Navi Taylor (pronounced Navy). I'm LDS and was sealed in the Draper temple. I've spent most of my life in Utah and we've decided to make Utah our home too. 

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, on my blog and youtube channel I share my personal tips and tricks for hair, makeup and fashion. I'm addicted to lipstick, anything pink, with stripes or covered in flowers! I'm girly with a bit of my young tomboy heart that comes out every once in a while. 

Stripes in Bloom was chosen as the name of my blog because (like I said above) I LOVE stripes and florals ... the "in Bloom" also represents growth, and how I'm becoming more myself each day as I discover who I am and what I love, join me?? 

Thank you for following along! 

xo, Jens 

(pronounced Gents ;) 

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