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I got thinking about it the other day, that if I could only shop at one brand for let's say 'one year' .. which brand would I choose?? and Nordstrom doesn't count because they're a retailer of many brands. I mean specifically a brand that designs their own stuff ;) this was really tough for me because I feel I have so many sides to my style and so a lot of brands were representative to me. 

I love J.Crew for their on trend yet classic preppy style. 
I love Kate Spade for her quirky, girly and modern classic looks.
I love Rachel Parcell for the feminine details and eye for fantastic silhouettes. 

ultimately, I chose Abercrombie as my choice of brand ;) does this surprise you??? 
I love their style - they have items that are boho, things that are preppy and pieces that are totally on trend! the fit of their denim is unreal - and I can't ever go wrong with their prices! I'm a die hard fan and will forever and always shop there :) I remember back in jr. high and I could only dream of owning Abercrombie - fast forward 14 years and here I am - still rocking it. only I think Abercrombie has changed for the better in the last decade ;) I'll link a few things I'm loving recently at the bottom of my post. and be sure to comment with your retailer you'd choose for this 'pretend challenge'. 

here are a few things I'm loving from Abercrombie right now :) they're always offering sales, but I typically wait until I see at least 30% off your purchase ;) and the best deal on their denim is when they're only $39! keep your eyes out for those sales :) 

thanks for reading! I hope you're having a fun week so far ;) this is the big one guys lol the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts in just a few days!! ahh! I'm so excited - I was telling my husband that this is like black friday, christmas morning and the super bowl for me. I'm a kid in a candy store ;) haha! anyone else get super pumped?!

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