.nordstrom anniversary sale - catalog favorites.

alright guys! it is here! the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

below I've linked a TON of cute items that I found in the catalog ;) but there is so much more online that wasn't featured - so definitely scroll to the bottom of this post to see it all :) 

I'll be sharing later on everything that I bought. I'm going in store later today with my mom so be sure to follow along on Instagram for my posts there as well! my biggest advice is buy anything you think you might want, because once it's sold out, it may be sold out for good. you can always return stuff! ;) I'm laughing at myself while typing this because my husband HATES when I return huge amounts, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :) 

happy shopping!

halogen flats - $64.90

caslon booties - $79.90
hinge top - $52.90
bp. sweater - $31.90

j.crew blazer - $131.90

frame denim - $173.90

j.crew topcoat - $184.90
trouve sweater - $52.90

bp. booties - $79.90

brixton hat - $31.90

vince flat - $189.90

bp. tee - $18.90

I'm SO excited about the sale this year! 
what are your favorites??? what are you stocking up on???

here are more things that I'm loving from the sale this year :) 

chenille sweater, steve madden bootie, dolce vita bootie, oversized waffle stitch cardigan, stripe pullover sweater, colorful stripe pullover, straight leg crop jeans, black skinny jeans, cut out booties, and we'll see if there's anything else in store I happen to find and love :) keep coming back over the next couple weeks to read reviews and see everything in person!

bought this dress in the blue color, really excited about this pair of denim, got this in blue, so so excited for this hat, I bought a lot of booties - but I'm going to be narrowing them down to just a few .. but I love these flat ones, these high heel ones, I wanted a similar pair to these from last year but skipped out on them and this cardigan looks insanely cozy. I just found this sweater online and bought it in two colors! I like that these booties look a little bit western, I'll see how I like them in person. this top is selling fast, such a great basic! I'm excited to try it all on and give you guys better pictures and reviews :) stay tuned!

thanks for reading! it's 2 am and I'm going to bed ;) 

xo, Jensyn

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