.growing a garden.

a few months ago I had a thought of growing some flowers in our home. I'm such a fan of floral things and having live flowers is so important to me. they bring so much color and beauty and normally I can't keep things alive ;) but I decided we'd try to pot a few plants and see how it all went :) 

Navi and I painted our pots and planted our seeds, and we waited. we took care of our little pots and out grew the most beautiful flowers :) they are zinnias and they're so much fun. they've bloomed so much since these photos were taken (I'll insert some at the bottom of this post so you can see). Navi is so proud of them and loves to help me water them. it's been the best little summer project and she's become quite the little gardener - always wanting to help with her shovel in the yard and loves to water the flowers too. she loves being involved and I know it's so good for her to learn how to grow something, to be apart of life, to see how being patient and with consistent effort something will grow and be beautiful. what summer activities do you love to do with your kids??

I just loved doing this mini photo shoot, we set the camera on self timer and just went for it. I know I'll treasure having pictures of the three of us. and Navi's little smile and Indie's bright eyes are my very favorite things :) 

Navi's tee // Indie's tee 

my top // headband // jeans 

thanks for stopping by! have a beautiful Monday! :) 

I love seeing how much these have grown, they bring such color and vibrancy to my kitchen :) 

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