.bohemian gypsy.

this summer gypsy look has been sitting in my 'photo archives' just waiting for me to push publish lol seriously though, I took these pictures a while back and am just now getting around to post them - so Indie looks so tiny in this post, but I wanted to wait for this outfit to go 'live' because I'm teaming up with my friend Kayla! she was doing an insta story (on Instagram) one day and I realized she has this exact same skirt! so I messaged and suggested we do a post together where we each share how we would style it.

I love outfit posts like this because it's neat to see how other people would style the same item. we each have our own flair and are drawn to things differently so I thought it'd be fun to get inspiration from Kayla as well :) check out her blog here and her instagram here :) 

(look at Indie's cute little face!)

for some odd reason I love dressing more bohemian in the summertime - maybe it's the fact that it's so hot or that all these vibrant colors are so popular but I really like it! I also have been braiding my hair a lot lately and leaving the waves for days ;) literal days guys. it gives my hair a nice break from the heat tools and it looks so fun - if you haven't tried it - you really ought to! 

I was running a giveaway last week on my Instagram for this bag and it's because it's a dang cute one! it's seriously a perfect little summer bag, one that you can put all the essentials in. if you're an amusement park or concert goer - this little cross body bag will save you! it's trendy and fun, yet so so practical! I'm in love with it - I kind of want more colors ;) 

top, old, similar here // skirt, old, similar here, loving this one, super cute option here, less than $30 here // 
platform sandals, similar here // bag 

thanks for reading and if you came from Kayla's blog welcome! I hope you had a fun time here, I'd love if you'd come back for more :) you can find me @jensynjeppsen on instagram 

have a fab weekend! 

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