.my mini and seeking happiness.

joining me today is this little feisty cutie. lately she has had some major attitude. I don’t know why people say ‘terrible twos’ because I feel like going on three is way harder to handle. the tantrums, the attitude, the potty training, the lack of clothes lol (don’t ask) she hates getting dressed lately and if she does wear clothes – she picks them and it’s usually her Elsa pjs. anyone else have toddlers? she can be so adorable and funny but there are moments where my patience just isn’t that great … that quote that says something like ‘I was patient, until I had kids’ is seriously the most hilarious phrase, because patience is a virtue I’m having to learn and it’s a toughie. I’m getting there though, it’s this phase of life I’m in – and I’m sure that as life goes on and as my girls grow up, I will miss these days. so as challenging as it all seems right now, I’m going along, day by day and trying to be the happy mom and wife my family needs. and I need to be happy for my own sanity.

I went a little crazy this month with shopping, I claimed I needed some ‘retail therapy’ after going through February and March without buying anything but reality was I got sucked in and felt like buying things was going to make me ‘happier’. that’s so wrong. happiness is all about your inner attitude – outside forces shouldn’t and don’t attribute to lasting happiness. so even though I’ve loved shopping and it is super fun to get new things .. it hasn’t brought me a true and lasting positive sense of love and happiness. I’m working on being a happier me. at the beginning of the year I was working out and reading my scriptures and praying often .. I’ve gotten out of those habits and so I’m committing to starting up again. getting discouraged with lack of growth and campaigns in my blog hasn’t been fun, and it’s only made me angry at myself. I haven’t been giving myself enough credit and so I’m changing some things around here. I want my blog to be a place that I can be expressive and have fun again – so I’m going to do just that sorry this was a longer post .. I just had a lot of feeling and a lot to say, thank you for sticking around and for the comments, likes, and all your support. It is felt.

albion fit tee // abercrombie denim // nordstrom cardigan // billabong hat // target scarf // j.crew shoes

Navi's outfit ... tee // leggings 

this outfit I wore the other day hanging out with my Navi Bean. I put my hat on her head and caught the cutest smile (I’ve already shared that picture on my Instagram) 

I have such a love of wearing neutrals with pops of color. my orange loafers I got from J.Crew literally 4 years ago and they still look fabulous! totally worth it in my opinion! I don’t mind paying more money on great shoes, and J.Crew always has such fun options. I’ve been loving wearing bandanas and little scarves these days, in my hair, on my bag, through my belt loops, around my neck .. there are so many darling ways to style them. are you into this trend?? let me know in the comments your favorite way to style them.

thanks for reading!! happy first day of may!

xo, Jensyn

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