.early spring shopping haul.

you guys, if you follow my instagram then you'd know that I took a shopping break in February and literally bought NOTHING for myself ... and with that 'fast' of shopping came the biggest urge to 'get all the things!' hahahaha ... so here I am now, broke again ;) because I spent my 'saved' money on all of the above and this swimsuit from Albion Fit (not featured above) - but you know what ... it's ALL worth it. I love everything so so much and I'll tell you that my 'fast' from shopping really helped me to realize that when I am shopping I shouldn't be impulsive. I really plan out my purchases now and think exactly about how much use I'll get out of what I am buying. I'm happy to say that I know I'll be sporting all these pretty things in so many ways all through spring and summer and you know that teal chair is a steal ;) so go grab yourself one!! 

thanks for reading my friends!! 

xo, Jensyn 


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