.4 spring shoes under $35.

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I'm ALL about easy to wear shoes - since becoming a mom I find I RARELY wear heels, even for church I'm reaching for sandals or flats. really tall, skinny heeled shoes just aren't the best for carrying babies in I'm afraid or maybe I'm just not skilled enough ;) 

either way! - I'm stoked about the prettiness that I've found for you all today! these four pairs of adorable shoes are practical and stylish! I love that they all look really high end ;) but the secret is ... they're ALL from Target! not one pair is over $35! can you even believe it?! 

I was going to try to pick favorites, buuuuuuuttt. I just. can't. I can't do it. but if I HAD to, it'd be the white mule ;) it's just too unique and so pretty! and because I don't already own anything like it! 

which is your favorite???? let me know in the comments - your vote for number 1! 
thanks for reading! 

xo, Jensyn 


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