.velvet + double ruffles.

this outfit feels so lady-like to me, with the midi skirt and the ruffled top it's giving me all the 50's vibes. and I can't fail to mention this stunning top handle bag. ;) I'm not over it yet - I'm obsessed.  

and I'm really into ruffles lately, this top and my bag feature the trend :) the bag in a much more subtle way, and my blouse is definitely more extreme - I'll share a few of my favorite ruffled pieces. this is a trend that won't be going anywhere anytime soon. 

life has been busy lately, Nash has about 5 weeks of school left this semester and I've been busy with things for my calling at church as well as my own endeavors. it's an exciting time though, Nash has a second job that he's starting this weekend and I'm working on my own business projects too. we have goals to build a house and so I'm realizing we've got to work harder at reaching that goal. my shopping has basically ceased ;) which is desperately sad ... but I know it'll all be worth it when we've got a new home for our family. sacrifices need to be made and unfortunately that means less time with my husband right now. if you've ever gone through this, what helped you stay happy and faithful to looking towards the end. I hate when Nash is away and don't want to feel like a single mom .. tips appreciated!

skirt, Target // J.Crew top // Michael Kors bag

thank you for reading friends! 
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xo, Jensyn


  1. This is the cutest! I absolutely love the ruffles on your top! Such a feminine, fun outfit!

  2. I love how the ruffles give this shirt a more feminine feel, Jensyn!!

  3. Jen, this is the cutest outfit! I love the velvet and chambray and the ruffles are so darling! Being an Army wife, I am all too familiar with the feeling of single-momming. In fact, my husband is gone this week again and today is my 5 year old's birthday. It is quite the struggle as he is not understanding why Daddy is not "coming to his birthday". I wish I had great tips for getting through it all, but all I've got is this...one day at a time, stick to a routine, lots of FaceTime, find your tribe, kids are resilient, and you've got this!


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