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whew! this month has flown for me! like, seriously are we already into the last week basically of March 2018?! I literally can't handle how quickly this year has gone, we celebrated my baby's 5 month birthday this week and it's blowing my mind! a lot has happened in these 5 months ... I've become so much more aware of myself. who I am, what I'm portraying, and what I'm comfortable with and what stretches me ... I feel a weird mix of confident and an inner struggle to be happy - truly happy with everything that is my life. being a mom is hard, being a wife is hard, being a woman in this world is hard - BUT I will not let myself be buried by tasks, what the world thinks of me .. etc. - I'm going to be better than that. so watch out ;) 'cause here I come. 

- got a little deep up there ;) and referenced my favorite movie too lol but it's all good, this is me. ;) there we go again - if you can name the movie - leave a comment :)

I love wearing these Albion Fit jetsetters - they're SO comfortable and I feel so cute in them. styling them with heels or wedges is one of my favorites because they're so easy to dress up and look fabulous! my mom is actually the one who got me hooked on them - she owns the slate, black and burgundy and I've got the olive green and black :) trust me when I say you will want multiple pairs - they're THAT good! 

I'm just a jean loving girl and if I'm not wearing denim pants I've got to incorporate it in my look somehow and denim jackets are one of my favorite things! I own three ;) and yet I can always find a reason to buy more lol they're just one of those things in your wardrobe that 'go with everything' 

Garage denim jacket, old // Loft tee, old // Albion Fit joggers (I'm in an xs  petite for reference) // Valentino heels 

I hope you all have an incredibly fun weekend! we're celebrating my brothers birthday - super stoked for cake ;) and we have ward conference for church, I always love the special spirit that is in attendance at those meetings. 

thanks for reading!
xo, Jensyn

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