.pink sweater + burgundy boots.

we've been recovering from sickness, watching the Olympics and I swear being just too dang busy lately ... I swear I can't catch a break and my house is a disaster! ;) yikes, and I'll too tired to do anything about it .. so it will probably stay that way for a while until I get so sick of everything that I end up just throwing it all away. that should be my new way of cleaning, if it stays on the floor long enough then I'll just get rid of it, obviously I don't need it ;) how do you organize your homes? 

I'm in need of a major overhaul and just really sit down and declutter. I feel like I can't breathe with everything I've got going on in my life, and I just need to start fresh. I keep committing myself to projects and I'm honestly spreading myself too thin - and instagram. don't even get me started ... I always try to have my blog and my instagram be a place of happiness and no whining. I want you to feel inspired and like you can be confident in your own lives and in your own clothes. but that darn app has been driving me nuts. I keep getting kicked out of my app and having to sign in and recreate my password literally every. five. seconds. so if I'm off of it for a while - then you know why ;) 

this sassy outfit I wore a couple weeks ago in my preparation for Valentine's Day, which I can't believe is in two days! two! like where has the month gone??? I swear it was the 1st yesterday. as stressed as I've been feeling I just have to take each day, one at a time and focus on little tasks that I can accomplish each day. otherwise I'm SO overwhelmed. but these boots make me feel sexy, so I guess it's all good right? ;) 

this shade of pink makes me so happy, it reminds me of cotton candy :) and while I love all shades of pink, I sure do adore a classic barbie-ish pink. it's so girly and gives me all the best vibes. I especially love this color paired with a deep burgundy. it's an unexpected color combination but it so pleasing to the eye. reds and pinks being next to each other on the color wheel make for a yummy, feminine yet strong combo. I dig it. and I'm sure I'll be wearing this outfit again. 

madewell sweater // abercrombie denim 

thanks so much for reading :) I hope you have a fun monday 

xo, Jensyn 

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