.what's black, white and red all over?.

what is love?? baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more. 

I have found most people either LOVE Valentine's Day or hate it?! which side are you on? I haven't really been a super fan, but I also don't loathe it - so I'm kind of an odd ball and I'm in the middle. this year I've been into it though and maybe it's because I just had so much fun doing all the outfit shoots that will be coming your way over the next couple weeks?? 

as I was planning my outfits and getting them ready I realized I had A TON of things that could work so great for Valentine's focused outfits, because let's be real ... you all know how much PINK I own in my wardrobe ;) so pops of red, and a bit of black were all I needed to really spark these looks.

I have adored this graphic tee and if you've followed for a while then you've also already seen it here on my blog ;) it's just one of those tee shirts that is literally perfect - the fit is a bit oversized and classic black and white means you can't go wrong! I don't wear graphic tops as much as I used to, but I actually really love it! it brings out a more casual, pop side to my style that I need to do more often - are you a graphic tee junkie??? 

I can't be against a red wall and not do a leopard shoe! that would be plain silly if I missed that opportunity ;) leopard in this case was the best way to bring in a print to a simple outfit. I consider leopard to be a neutral - hello brown and black ;) so it's actually one of the easiest prints to wear with anything :) I say, if you don't own a leopard shoe then what are you doing with your life?? ;) it instantly brings personality and completes your outfit! 

asos hat // cara loren shop tee // abercrombie jeans // halogen mules // made by mary necklace

I LOVE the fit of this tee and found a bunch that are so similar - 
I've linked them all in the carousel below :) happy shopping! 

thank you for stopping by! have a wonderful day friends!! 

xo, Jensyn

get a similar look by shopping the links below :) 

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