.indie is 3 months.

a little 3 month update on our Indie girl :)

she sleeps about 5-6 hours during the night and takes a few naps during the day - I think she doesn't sleep very well because she takes small naps. the longest I can get her to sleep is about 2 hours and thats if I'm holding her. my arms get tired and I also get nothing done around the house ;) 

Indie is a happy, smiley girl. we love her coo's and sweet sounds and she's starting to like being snuggled more. she used to hate being held close or kissed but I can tell she tolerates it more now. 

she is starting to wear her 0-3 month clothes and the newborn sizes are a bit too tiny, I loved her staying little but the little chub she's getting is so adorable .. ;) why can't my chub be considered cute!? lol 

Navi is still loving being a big sister, always wanting to help and is so willing to as well :) I'm so grateful, I hope they always stay close friends. I love the bond of a sister 

-- get my outfit details below, I love wearing button up blouses under tank tops, it's a more unique way to show off a pretty top while staying modest --

thanks for reading!

have a fabulous sunday :)
xo, Jensyn 

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