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if you've even just barely glanced at my blog I bet you could tell that I LOVE SHOES. I feel like it's no secret and I always talk about them, you know how everyone has their 'thing' that they just buy a lot of and are obsessed over?! mine is definitely shoes. without a doubt! 

I had the fun opportunity to shoot some pics with Makenzie :) I've worked with her before on this post while back and she is amazing! I was excited when she wanted to meet up and take some pictures for the local Valley Fair mall :) of course we hit up one of my favorites ;) Payless has some awesome shoes for everyone in the family! Navi kept choosing styles she liked, and of course wanted to be like 'mommy' and was trying them on too :) I love my little shopping mini me ;) 

I went for a pair of olive suede pumps because why not?! they're gorgeous, simple and classic. I have nothing like them and the quality surprised me! these heels are comfortable and stylish! :) I used to pair high heels with my jeans for date night all the time when Nash and I dated, since having kids I don't wear heels out as much as I used to - that is going to change. in 2018 I'm going to make it a priority to date my husband and I'll wear these heels darn it! ;) ;) date nights are important and doing and wearing what makes you happy is important too :) 

thanks for reading friends!

xo, Jensyn

other shoes I'm loving from Payless :)  

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