.macy's beauty gala.

I'm so excited today to share a bit about what I was up to on Saturday :) I met up with my friend Kristy who is a personal stylist at the Macy's (Fashion Place mall) here in Utah. She is so talented and really goes ALL out to make your shopping experience amazing! She and I have worked together in retail before and we've been friends for a few years now and I just adore her. 

Kristy creates a personal experience by selecting complete head to toe looks that you come and try on, she works with you during your appointment and recommends options for multiple outfits and gives you the "tools" aka the right clothes ;) that will fit your budget, lifestyle and whatever will give you the most versatility in your wardrobe :) honestly she has like my dream job ;) 

here's a snap of the girls in their more casual outfits.
 I LOVE all the lace and floral details mixed with the edgy style. 

Kristy knows trends and she knows brands, she was styling another cute gal during the Beauty Gala and it was so fun to see her in action. anyone, any age, any style, any occasion can utilize Kristy's skills and expertise :) her services are free and she does an amazing job, keeping the styling session fun and ALL about YOU! :) 

DJ CHASSIS was the DJ for the beauty gala and she was so much fun! 
how pretty is she?! who else is obsessed with her braids?! ;)

I loved meeting her and partying in the store :) 

meet the girls HeatherMya and Melissa 

Kristy went for a fun and playful way to style these girls up for school dances, being freshmen they're starting high school and what a fun stage of life that is! I am loving the fancy dresses with boots! it really plays up the youthfulness and keeps it practical to dance and have a good time!

the girls got their makeup done at the Beauty Gala and I was so inspired by all the new trends and fabulous makeup products that are out there! I could really have a lot of fun in the makeup department too ;) 

how stunning right?! treat yourself and enjoy the whole experience!
Kristy offers the fashion side of things (talk about getting styled head to toe!) 
then head downstairs and get your glam on ;) 

this is Lucy, she is incredible! I had so much fun talking to her and she's amazing at what she does. Lucy was my brow artist at the Benefit brow bar :) and I LOVE how my brows turned out, she waxed them for me AND filled them in! making me look extra beautiful ;) 

what Lucy did first was 'map' my brows out, she wouldn't put wax where we had drawn out the eyebrows and I thought this idea was genius! I've never had a brow artist do this before but it makes so much sense, you get a perfect look this way :) 

right after the wax ;) 

filled in! I love them and yet they still look full and natural :) 

here's a little video sharing more information of the event and what Kristy does in her personal stylist position at Macy's :) I had a fabulous experience and am super excited because Kristy and I are going to be teaming up more throughout 2018 - sharing trends, giving styling tips, she's even going to style me! I can't even wait! 

if you're interested in being styled get in contact with me, jensynjeppsen@gmail.com or you can contact Kristy directly @ 385.347.3060 ext 2245 or kristy.burton@macys.com :)

thanks so much for reading :) and watching ;) I hope you have an amazing week!
can you believe we're 2 weeks away from Christmas??!!

xo, Jensyn

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