.goldenrod blouse.

post in collaboration with Romwe .. all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

do you remember back in school days the color 'goldenrod' that was used on papers given by the teachers? well, this is that color! it's so on trend to wear shades of yellow and this blouse from Romwe is perfect! I LOVE the sleeves and the 70's vibes it gives. 

I paired it up today with black accessories and a bright pop of pink in my bag :) because yellow and pink are seriously so pretty together! ;) 

I think back a few years ago and how my style has evolved, I was VERY preppy and almost 'proper' as my sister would say, and I'm happy to have changed up my look a little bit. I dress a bit more bohemian and laid back with flowy tops (like this one) and fun hats. I've always loved wearing colors and patterns (so that will never change ;) what do you think of styles changing?? 

ps. look at the drape of this top ... dead. I LOVE IT. 

 blouse c/o Romwe // denim // boots // bag, old, similar // hat, old, similar

thank you so much for reading :) sorry it's been a crazy week around here and so I hadn't put up any new posts, BUT I've got a lot of cute outfits coming soon! and WHO can't believe that it's already december! people! that happened SO fast! I can hardly believe it - seriously, this year FLEW. 

I think I'm jinxing myself by saying this, but we don't have any snow here yet ;) so I've soaking up all the time I can to have it still feel like fall! I hate covering up my cute outfits with big coats ;) what do you think --- are you excited for snow?

have a great weekend! 

xo, Jensyn

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