.the best basic neutrals.

there's something to be said about fabulous basic pieces that can pair with literally anything and then when you put them together they create a magical combination :) THAT is what this outfit is. 

over the knee or 'otk' boots are a fall/winter staple and I'm loving this pair from Target! they're only $40 and I love that they have the tie up back, they do stay up on my legs so nicely! I have a pair from a few seasons ago from a different designer that doesn't have the ties, and I'm constantly fussing with them to stay up. so moral of that story is ... get the ones I'm wearing in today's post ;) they're the real MVPs. 

I could seriously live in this sweater, it literally takes everything in me to not wear it everyday. I love the color, the fit and the fact that it goes with everything! I'm usually all into wearing colors, wearing a billion patterns and throwing in some pink ;) but on this day I was happy to sport the neutrals.

my necklace is one that I also wear everyday ;) this post is a lot about my basics and everyday essentials apparently ;) but hey what can I say? I love what I love. this choker necklace is a classic and while I used to be very into wearing more costume jewelry and layering big necklaces together - I really do love a more simple style. it's always funny to me how style evolves. yes I still enjoy trying trends and wearing unique pieces, but I have found my core style and I'm very happy with where I am.

our leaves are mostly gone now and they were fun while they lasted. Navi LOVED throwing them around and she's so silly and would try to feed them to our dog Berlin. Berlin didn't like that too much ;) but she would shred them up, which made Navi laugh! those two have the funniest friendship.

thank you so much for reading :) I hope you don't mind my babbling along, I just find that I sometimes have so much I want to say - especially when it comes to style. 

I hope your work week is short and your holiday merry ;) 
Indie is turning one month old tomorrow and I can't believe how fast that first month went by .. time slow down! 

xo, Jensyn

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