.matchy - matchy.

could there be a cuter sweat set? I think not. this comfortable outfit is all Albion Fit and I literally have never worn a more flattering pair of sweat pants in my life. and trust me ;) I know my sweat pants - so this is a huge deal! 

like for example you know the kind of sweats that are so cute you'd actually wear out of the house? these are those pants! I won't even sleep in them lol because they're my 'nice' sweat pants even though I -could- sleep in them because they're that warm and comfy! 

the details are perfect, I love the black stitching! and did you notice the thumb holes??? I'm a tad bit forgetful and I totally spaced that I probably should have posed with my fingers in them ;) but oh well, you get the idea. they are there if you like that sort of thing! 

okay and can we talk about my hair for a sec.
my favorite thing to make a pony tail cuter is taking my hair and wrapping it around the base - pin it with a bobby pin and yay! you've got a pretty, messy hairstyle :) 

are you a sweat set loving gal? or would you rather just wear a hoodie with jeans? or a tee with the pants? I haven't always loved a matching set but the gray color and the fit of this whole outfit MAKES me a believer in the 'sweat set' :)  

Albion Fit hoodie (xs) + pants (xxs) 
(I listed my sizes because I like my sweats to fit snug)

thank you friends for reading :) I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. it's weird it feels like a wednesday but also a bit monday ish ;) and I'm not digging that. I've got a lot of cleaning to do around my house but all I want to do is online shop for shoes ;) don't ask why. haha. what do you love to do in your spare time??? I honestly should probably take a nap if I get the chance ;) 

xo, Jensyn

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