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.shoe .. love list.

shoe love list

you all know by now how much of a shoe lover I am so I thought I'd start a new little series here on my blog where I create "love list"s .. the first being obviously compiled of only shoes ;) I thought this would be a fun post where I can share things I've got my eye on and I'm debating if I should incorporate other categories into the "love list"s or keep them just shoes!? what do you think? what would you like to see????? because trust me, I look at shoes enough that I believe I could create a new one of these every month and not repeat a shoe ;) 

so a little random, but still related because it's about shoes ;) so I signed up as a JustFab member - totally not sponsored - I just really wanted to start shopping there and get the best deals so if you'd like to sign up too - go here :) you get 30% off retail pricing and special deals - I got my first pair of shoes for $15! they have a super great selection of shoes, accessories, and clothing too - sizes xs-3x :) there's something fabulous for everyone! I just bought these and LOVE the color! 

which shoe above is your favorite??? 
thanks for reading!

xo, Jensyn

and here are of course a few more shoes that are too cute not to include ;) 

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