.olive on repeat.

if there is one color that I've been wearing lately, it's olive green. I don't know why but I've been drawn to it literally everyday I got dressed over the course of the past couple weeks I was reaching for something green. I had to consciously choose -non green- items to wear because I have been wearing it just so much! 

and who else has been loving the backpack trend??? 
I LOVE it so much, it's a no fuss way of carrying all my stuff and it looks so chic

hats and cardigans are always fall staples in my wardrobe 
... here are a few I'm loving lately ... 

nordstrom rack hat, old // downeast cardigan c/o // halogen mules // striped tee, old // backpack 

I love mixing prints and stripes and leopard are practically like solid black in my rule book ;) honestly I don't even -think- about the fact they're a print. I treat them like such a basic neutral that I literally mix them without even trying. I challenge you to mix in more pattern :) whether it's a leopard, a stripe or maybe even a floral ;) 

xo, Jensyn

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