.feeling pretty.

this look was the last outfit shoot taken by my sister before she left on her mission, she's now been out for about 4 weeks ... so that just shows how good I am about getting pictures on the blog ;) 

I love these pictures because Navi was being too fun and was having a blast walking around, wearing my bracelets and enjoying her sucker :) I had come from a doctor's appointment and she always gets a sucker for being so good - even though I think I deserve the treat for being the one visiting the dr. ;) 

I entitled this post 'feeling pretty' because I'll be honest I don't always feel like I'm very glamorous or fabulous. I look to other bloggers and think they've got the perfect lashes, white teeth, toned legs, etc. and then I just look at myself and think 'well, this is me' and shrug my shoulders and accept the fact that I don't look 'womanly' or 'grown up' the way they all do. 

but when my sister was taking these pictures, she paused and had me come look at the camera. quick back story ... my sister is a great model and is very photogenic and beautiful. her picture style isn't quite so 'look at my outfit' like my posts are, she focuses on being a 'model' of the clothes and really sells them. me, I just stand awkwardly and hope I get a decent picture. so anyway, she called me over to look and told me seriously how pretty I looked. I was super surprised, 1 - because my sister doesn't just give out compliments like that, and 2 - because I actually thought I looked pretty too. and it was a good moment. 

I believe we won't always love what we see, but if we can at least try to see ourselves the way our loved ones see us, and see ourselves the way God sees us, we can't go wrong. we are so loved. there is no room for comparison in our lives and it is good to celebrate ourselves and it's okay to think positive things about yourself :) the world either teaches us to be proud and boastful or to hide ourselves away and believe we're no good. I don't think we need to do either. there IS a happy medium where we can be happy with who we are, always striving to improve, and accept others for who they are and not judge or compare :) 

can we all just take a moment for these mules though? what a funny word for a slide right? ;) let's just call them shoes. but really though. these shoes have started my obsession with slip on shoes and I don't think I'll ever give them up now. I'm sharing a few favorites below :) these exact leopard ones I sized up 1/2 size in 

target maternity top, found on clearance in store, linked similar non maternity options below // abercrombie jeans, old // halogen mules, linked below // earrings c/o 

thank you for reading! 
I hope you're as ready for the weekend as I am! 

xo, Jensyn

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