.teal and orange floral.

I always love to wear a floral print and I just thought this outfit was so playful because how often do you get to sport a backpack?! right?! this adorable backpack bag I snagged during the nordstrom anniversary sale a few weeks back and haven't looked back! I LOVE it. it honestly is HUGE inside and I love the sleek design ;) if I were you .. I'd hop on this backpack train too.

see what I mean about the adorable backpack straps ;) plus the color matched my top which was pretty cool too 

another trend I just won't stop with is the ruffles and bell sleeves! I'll be sharing a ton of pretty options so head to the bottom of my post to see all my picks! :) 

these booties were also from the nordstrom anniversary sale and I'm so happy with them! the only thing is, you've got to wear socks ;) maybe not these particular ones (because ew they're showing!) ;) but I had blisters from the first time I tried breaking them in - new leather and bare feet AND the parade of homes do not mix. learned my lesson there. so socks it is! ;) 

Nordstrom Rack top, old // Nordstrom bag // Franco Sarto booties // Abercrombie jeans // sunglasses 

thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the look and let me know if you try the backpack trend??? I just think they're really functional too! especially as a mom - how practical to have a fuss free way to hold your bag! 

xo, Jensyn


  1. I am so tickled pink you linked up with us! This outfit is so stinking cute and it just makes me crave fall even more! I wanted to tell you, I am hosting next Wednesday over at the blended blog and you are going to be included as one of my favorites! Have a beautiful day!

  2. This look is simply sensational! Love skinny boots with boots.

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