.swim days.

impromptu shoot with my sister from the beginning of summer :) I was feeling daring and didn't have too many swimsuits at the time ;) this was before I went in and purchased my first Albion Fit swimsuit. my sister edited my pictures and took them for me, I'm really going to miss my blogging buddy when she leaves on her mission next month. she has such an eye for her style and does such a great job learning new things to better herself at photography - she just started a youtube channel and does really cool videos! check her out here ;) and her instagram here 

I'll be honest, being in a swimsuit I feel I notice my 'body flaws' more and it's so easy to criticize ourselves, but we are more than our bodies! AND our bodies are fabulous! they do amazing things for us - so while I'm not super tan or toned - I can still wear my suit with confidence :) I can be proud and happy with my body no matter the 'stage' I'm in. 

 my swim suit .. top Target, old // bottoms Kortni Jeane // bow sandals 

Navi's swim suit .. Old Navy (in Canada)

 thank you for reading! have a fabulous weekend friends! 
ps. these pictures are from the beginning of summer! ;) so my belly isn't really this little anymore

xo, Jensyn

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