.pmd kiss.

* this post is in collaboration with PMD and the PMD kiss 
all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own 

I know you all know this, but I love lipstick ;) that's my one beauty product that I really splurge on and take the time to really plan out with my outfit. I just love the attention on my lips so when PMD reached out to review their kiss I just knew that it'd be a perfect match for a collaboration. 

the PMD kiss is a 'smart anti-aging lip plumping treatment'. 'it uses pulsating vacuum technology' and there is a formulated serum that helps restore youthfulness and volume to your lips.

I know I can tell a difference, and I can especially feel a difference ;) I actually really enjoyed using the PMD kiss and had used it 3 times that week before this post. I feel like it gave a natural plump, nothing too crazy overboard, and I liked that it was more subtle. over time and with continued use the PMD kiss does help protect and restore your lips shape and fulness. 

it's extremely easy to use and a fast process! taking only a few extra minutes in my routine 

just apply the serum and then use the PMD kiss on the different sections of your lips, the pulsating tip creates a suction to your lips and together they work to bring more volume and natural color to your lips. 

this is a perfect product for those (like myself) that have thinner lips but want a bigger pout ;) the PMD kiss is perfect to use before a date night, a fun time out with the girls, or make it apart of your daily routine - it's safe to use as often as you wish! I topped off my voluminous lips with a mix of pretty colors to create the ultimate night out look. 

PMD kiss c/o PMD 

thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the post! I love trying out new products and I know that this is one I'll use time and time again! have you tried the PMD kiss?? what did you think of it?? 

xo, Jensyn

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