.not stopping with this dress.

floral prints just sing to me, and I know I wore this dress recently but it's because it's honestly one of my very, very, all time faves and it's just too perfect to NOT want to wear all summer! especially with my growing bump! it's not maternity but the way it fits and flares ;) goes right over my growing tummy and new curves and I love that. plus I'm always getting super hot ;) so a flowy dress is much more fun to wear than sweatpants! 

I've linked a bunch of really pretty dresses below :) mine is from Rachel Parcell a few months ago (her stuff always sells out SO fast, and it's not common that they restock, they're always releasing new and beautiful pieces, I feel like they're Pokemon ;) gotta catch them all) 

thank you for reading! 
I hope you're having a wonderful summer!! 

my birthday is in 10 days! so I've got planning in full swing around here :)  

xo, Jensyn

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