.outfit inspiration // nordstrom anniversary sale.

4 outfit ideas

I'm obsessed with so many pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! I put together 4 different looks using things that I bought from the sale, honestly you could mix and match to create countless outfits with these pieces and I'm so excited for fall! :) 

which look is your favorite??

thank you for reading :) have a fabulous day!
xo, Jensyn

I was having too much fun creating different outfits and I wanted to continue with the idea of putting them together :) I'd love to create an actual lookbook ;) that way if I'm ever stumped on what to wear, I've already got outfits prepped and planned :) 

fall outfit inspiration .. nordstrom sale picks

shop using the links below

the gray cardigan below is a splurge ;) but it's real cashmere! and oh so worth it! 

cozy casual/edgy pretty // nordstrom sale

I'm seriously addicted to putting together these outfit ideas ;) so don't be surprised if you see more soon on my blog - or if you see me actually sporting these cute looks around :) I'm excited to be able to wear all these fun fall clothes! 

have you shopped the Nordstrom Sale yet??? 


.coral floral swim.

a different outfit post today ;) as I'm sharing another swim look! Albion Fit makes the most flattering suits, and this off the shoulder style is definitely one of my all time favorite silhouettes :) it's so feminine and flirty! summer technically isn't over for another couple months, while my pool days are winding down to a close (only about a month left!) it's still quite warm out until November :) it's always a good time for a new suit! especially if you have some fun, tropical vacations this winter ;) 

I thought it'd be fun to do a little birthday shoot outside ;) Nash had this huge balloon blown up for my family party and it literally was the biggest balloon I've ever seen up close! it was so cute and different! and because these pictures were taken the week of my birthday ;) I kept joking that this was my birthday suit ... ha. I think I'm so funny. 

Albion Fit swimsuit // earrings 

thank you all for reading! I hope you had a fabulous week! 

last night I went to an exclusive preview of a couple of the DayBreak homes that will be featured in the Utah parade of homes that starts today and runs through August 12th! I'm doing something very fun on my instagram (as a giveaway) and I've been sharing some of my favorite rooms on my IG stories and in my posts :) be on the lookout this weekend for more! 

xo, Jensyn 


.delicate cutout blouse.

* post in collaboration with Fresh Market Threads, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

I hope you all had a great long weekend! I felt like I was go, go, go but it was a weekend well spent. I had a wonderful time with so many family members, and we're in prep mode for my sister's farewell this sunday, where even more family will be in town :) I went to provo to take my sister's pictures at the provo city center temple, and thought it was just too cute to not do some of my own blog shots there. 

I wore this adorable top from Fresh Market Threads, the moment I saw it on their instagram, I HAD to have it. ;) you know I love anything will lace or embroidery! and the slight peplum / fit n flare design is so flattering, making it perfect for even when I'm not pregnant! 

I styled this look simply, but leaning a bit more to fall with the hat and booties. I kept the color palette light and feminine with pops of pink and gray. I love how all these colors look together. 

Fresh Market Threads top c/o (also available in lavender) // jeans // booties // watch // earrings c/o

thank you for reading! I was a little too eager to start dressing for fall, and was quite hot in this look (especially my hat!) not the smartest for 98 degree weather! you can bet I'll rewear this outfit in the coming months and in the meantime I'll be styling this cute top with shorts and wedges instead ;) 

tell me how would you style this pretty top in the comments :)  

xo, Jensyn


.a fun unboxing & summer style haul.

so I'm a little late in getting these videos up and ready for you guys BUT nonetheless, here they are! a VERY exciting unboxing video ANNNNDDDD a summer style haul :) most of the things purchased in the haul were earlier in summer (like May/June) and just finally got compiled in the video ;) whoops! so I hope you enjoy! you're going to think all I do are haul videos ;) because I've got a serious shopping problem lol and I do have another haul for the Nordstrom sale on the way! (another whoops! ;) but for real tho!) it'll be a good time! please subscribe if you like my videos and let me know in the comments what you'd like to see in future videos from me too :) 

shop my shoes here

thank you for watching! if you have questions about any of the pieces, I'll be including links for everything later this week :) 

xo, Jensyn


.DownEast 3 look summer collaboration.

post in collaboration with DownEast - all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

I teamed up with DownEast earlier this week to share 3 different outfits created from their new summer collection! I love all the looks so much - but I want to know which one if your favorite???

look 1 ... go here for full blogpost 

look 2 ... go here for full blogpost 

look 3 ... go here for full blogpost 

what you wear can either bring out your confidence or make you uncomfortable ... be sure what you put on the outside reflects the inside :) when you wear what YOU love, you're sure to shine! 
thank you for reading! and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

leave in the comments which look is your favorite! 
and skirts are $20 until tomorrow only! don't miss out! 

here's to enjoying the rest of summer! 
xo, Jensyn


.pretty things @ the nordstrom sale.

pretty things ll floral and neutral

today I'm sharing a few pieces that are really luxurious, pretty and overall just fabulous!

I'm obsessed with the fit of these OTK boots (and the price is amazing!), and I've also ordered this mule in two colors, as well as this top :) it's safe to say that this sale has been good to me ;) I really wanted a patterned shoe and this floral flat is gorgeous! 
what's your favorite??? 

thanks for reading! 

xo, Jensyn

- shop more favorites below - it's the first day of the sale going live to the public and I don't want you to miss out on the goodness! ;) soooooooo many cute things! 



today I'm 25 years old, which sounds SO weird because I seriously don't feel 25. even though in reality ;) I'm a quarter of a century old you guys! so to celebrate and keep things fun I thought I'd share 25 things about me :) 

1. I LOOOOOOVE the color PINK! ;) that's no secret, but thought I'd add it in here, just for fun ;) 

2. being a mom brings me so much joy, and I'm surprised by that because as nature would have it - I am a nurturing type of person, but I grew up not wanting to be a mom. I thought it'd be so hard, and I didn't honestly love children ;) oops - that's horrible to say, but I just didn't. I wanted to move to New York and have a career in fashion. thennnnnn I met my husband - got married. and even then I told him I didn't want kids - that was a big cause of disagreement between us - and then one day, something changed and I longed to be a mom. it took us 1.5 years to get pregnant with Navi and I feel so lucky because it took 1 month to get pregnant with our new sweet girl! we're so excited to meet her in October! 

3. so I love to eat, and I feel like I'm always craving pasta! if I had to pick a favorite food, it'd probably be chicken & rice dishes or pasta! 

4. I'm a dessert queen! not at making them ;) but at eating them! I typically don't say no to a treat :) not even ashamed!!! 

5. growing up I always wanted to be a vet or a teacher, it wasn't until early high school that I discovered my love of fashion and wanted to turn that into a career - still working on the career part ;) 

6. I'm the oldest of ALL my cousins on both my mom and dads' sides, obviously oldest of all my siblings ;) and so I'm used to being the first at something ;) or at least the leader or the one in charge. I'm definitely more humble now but when I was younger I had a hard time taking leadership from someone else

7. I love to dance. I'm not really good, but it makes me happy :) I love watching other people dance too! 

8. my favorite music is rock, especially 80's! ;) and I love music by Queen, Def Leppard, and Journey

9. you all know, but I'm a shoe addict. I don't even really need to go on here... ;) haha! I honestly ordered over 10 pairs in the recent Nordstrom sale and I don't even know how I'm going to narrow it all down! I truly have a problem! 

10. my favorite time of year is summer! I love the fun holidays, my birthday and the warm weather but I really love dressing up for fall - that's my favorite! (and why I go so crazy for the Nordstrom sale!)

11. I'm a numbers girl, and a daddy's girl ... so when your dad's favorite numbers are 11 & 89, your favorite numbers are the same ;) also since he loves m&m's - you also love m&m's ;) 

12. Nash (my husband) and I started officially dating on 12.11.10 and we were married on 10.11.12 

13. my eyebrows and eyelashes are natural - no filling in, no extensions - they're mine ;) 

14. I'm so in love with flowers. I don't know why, but they make me so happy and are so beautiful - I don't keep them alive very well though so my house is full of faux bouquets ;) anytime I see pretty flowers somewhere (literally anywhere) I stop and take a picture 

15. I HATE getting my face wet! I will not put myself fully in the water if I can help it - I had to be saved by a lifeguard when I was about 9 years old at the pool and still am scared of the water

16. I've been doing my blog for almost 4 years! which sounds so long ;) because I'm not quite where I thought I'd be in 4 but I also feel proud of what I've accomplished and honestly I've used my blog as an outlet to be creative and share my love of fashion :) so if you've followed along for a while THANK YOU. if you're new here, THANK YOU. I love you and your support! 

17. I'm a pretty outgoing person, but I do tend to stick close to family. they're my people.

18. I'm not much of a makeup girl, but I do love lipstick and I like my lashes - thick and black! ;) 

19. my go to outfit is usually skinny jeans, a cute & simple tee (or button up blouse), awesome statement shoes and a colored bag! 

20. I ALWAYS have my nails painted, thats one thing I do all the time

21. I like to crochet and sew, I used to make my own clothes but haven't the past few years

22. because my birthday is July 20 - it falls directly in the middle of the cusp of Cancer and Leo, so technically I'm both ;) so I always read both signs

23. I started adding highlights of blonde into my hair in jr high but I've actually had long black hair, red hair, orange hair (not cute), white hair, I've done a mohawk and 2 pixie cuts, my favorites have been when I had an a line bob and my current hair :)

24. I was such a tomboy growing up and even though I'm pretty girly now, my tomboy self shines through every now and then

25. I've always been the funny friend, or the one to make people laugh in a group. I enjoy taking that role. I'm not afraid of being silly. my family takes pride in being witty - if you know my dad, then you know! my favorite emoji is the cry laugh face :) 

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me! thank you for reading and if there's anything else you'd like to know - leave me a comment :) 

xo, Jensyn


.downeast summer - look 3.

post in collaboration with DownEast, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

the last look I have in this three look series with DownEast is definitely the most casual of them all, if you haven't seen the first two - you can find them here, and here :) 

I have been on a quest for a really lightweight cardigan and I am obsessed with the fabric of this cream one! it's perfect for layering, and is a great staple as we're headed into fall, here in Utah it stays pretty warm even through November sometimes, so a lightweight cardigan is the perfect go-to for layering. in yesterday's post you couldn't see how long this tee is, but it's actually got quite a cute shape to it. I love that it isn't really tight, so it's darling tucked into denim, a skirt or just left untucked too :) (I'm wearing a small for reference)

I am a sucker for cute accessories and this bright water bottle is perfect for taking around on my summer outings! whether we're out at the park with Navi or having a smore's night at my parents' we love being outside and drinking water is a must! especially for this prego mama ;) 

I love that this cardigan can be worn now later in the cool summer evenings but will also be a closet staple in the coming fall months too. this outfit is stylish without a lot of effort (which let's be real, those kinds of outfits are the best!) there's something about layering that just completes a look :)

I hope you enjoyed this mini series with DownEast this week
to view the previous looks, go here and here

thank you for reading! 
which look was your favorite??? let me know in the comments :) 

xo, Jensyn

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