.summertime prints.

I'm so happy with the combination of prints here, like for real tho. I think flowers and polka dots should always be paired together! don't you think too???!!! it's just such a happy combination. I wore this look to church a few weeks ago, and felt kind of like a 'teacher' lol my mind always thinks I'm a teacher when I wear this midi skirt, and to keep things fun and a bit spicy ;) I added just a nude pump and a pretty printed blouse. skirts like this can look dated and frumpy (both words I don't love!) so full midi skirts need to be (another thing I'm nervous to say...) 'sexy'. lol hence, the nude heels! 

what do you think of this outfit??? I personally love it, and I felt so good wearing it :) maybe my silly references mean nothing to anybody else, but I know what works for me and my body and sometimes we just have to experiment with different looks until we find that dream combination :) 

floral tee c/o wight gold

thank you for stopping by! 
I hope you're having a beautiful week! :) 

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