.summer florals.

I love wearing breezy dresses in the summer months and there's something bohemian about wearing dresses with lace up shoes that just gets me all sorts of excited ;) I've linked a bunch of beautiful summer dresses and fun shoes of course! 

so funny story ... these pictures were taken while I was in canada on vacation a couple weeks ago, and right before our trip I decided I wanted to color my hair - well I couldn't get in to any of my favorite hair gals soooooo I just did it myself. it took two days of toning, bleaching and everything in between but I'm pretty proud of myself for just even trying - and hey. maybe I'll always do my own hair now ;) I used to bleach my whole head of hair back in high school so I thought 'how hard can it be to add highlights?' haha, it's definitely harder than I expected and I so appreciate people's skill and talent in doing hair! 

thank you for stopping by! and happy dress shopping! 

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