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post in collaboration with bebe au lait .. all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

when bebe au lait reached out to me to share a few of their new products I just couldn't say no. I have been a long time follower and lover of their unique prints and amazing quality baby blankets, nursing covers and everything else you could need for your little one. I seriously want one of the luxury snuggle blankets for myself ;) it's the softest blanket I've ever felt! 

now that it's summer we're always outside and in the early evening when the grass is shaded we love to draw with chalk, play with our dog, or snuggle up and read books together :) we're soaking in all these one on one moments with Navi before our new babe arrives in October.

Navi was seriously so excited and happy as we opened up this beautiful blanket - since we've taken these photos she's used at least one of the snuggle blankets or the lightweight swaddles for her naps or for bedtime. I had actually chosen the prints of these beauties before I knew we were expecting another girl, so I chose slightly more gender neutral options and I love that the Saguaro + Dottie (cacti and dots) is still cute for girls too! 

Navi curled right up and honestly needed some major coaxing to come in the house ;) she was totally ready for an outside sleepover! we are definitely enjoying summer and can't believe June is over! ahh! October will be here before we know it, and while I can't wait to snuggle a new little baby, I'm loving this one on one time with my first angel :) 

here are a few items that I'm loving for the new little miss ... snuggle blanket, hooded towel, and these coordinating crib sheets. the girls' room is bright with pops of turquoise and orange and I'm in LOVE with bebe au lait's Oahu and Zig Zag collection (swaddles appear in a few photos)

blankets c/o bebe au lait 

check out the site and let me know which collection and prints you're loving for your sweet little ones! :) I always get so excited about quality AND how cute things are and bebe au lait has set the bar high! 

thank you for reading! have a fabulous weekend! 

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.colorblocked for the 4th.

I always try to come up with really cute 4th of July looks, but usually the day of ;) I'm in the pool or working, sooooooo hoping this year I'll actually be able to enjoy some bbq and fireworks, right?! this look features a denim jacket - take it off in the heat of the day and wear it at night when it starts cooling down and you'll be out enjoying time with family and friends :) our city always has such a beautiful fireworks show! it's definitely one of my favorite things about summer

my bow slides have been on serious repeat! and it's because they're comfy as they are cute - easy to throw on is my jam ;) and these sandals are right on trend, making them perfection! 

my striped skirt (also bought this oneI snagged while we on vacation in Canada (my slides I picked up there as well) and to think of it, my denim jacket I bought on vacation there last year! I always try to shop from brands that we don't get here in the states so that I have something a little more unique :) 

with my growing bump allllll I want to wear are comfy things and skirts and tee shirts fit the bill. I'm loving how easy and breathable they are! and how instantly I look dressed up ;) even if I did put in basically zero effort 

skirt // tee, old // denim jacket, similar here // sandals (on sale!) // bag // sunglasses 

thank you all for reading :) have a fabulous day 
and good luck with all your outfit planning for the 4th! 

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product supplied by care/of  * thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

since before I was pregnant it has been advised that I be on a prenatal vitamin but I also felt I should be on other vitamins as well, and let's be straight up for a minute. vitamin shopping is SO stressful. like who else goes down the isle at the store and feels overwhelmed by all the brands, all the doses and all the different B vitamins ;) I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. that's where care/of comes in, they curate for you personally online a selection of vitamins based on your very own needs! 

everything in the care/of package comes personalized and prepackaged! I love that they're easy to take on vacation AND my daughter's little fingers can't get into the pack. I take fish oil, calcium and the prenatal vitamin. there is a nutrition card as well as a reminder card that shares what the vitamin is that you're taking and how many you should be taking (even though it's already pre divided in your pack) I love that it's all organized. no rummaging through the cupboard looking for all the right vitamins, wondering which ones you've already taken that day. 

take with water and a delicious breakfast to start your day off feeling amazing, inside and out :) 
my kit came with a 30 day supply, and I've been using them for a few weeks now, I know I can tell a difference in how I feel taking better care of my health. care/of made it easy for me to remember to take my vitamins and made it especially accessible and not overwhelming. 

thank you care/of for sponsoring this post

to learn more about care/of and how to get your own personalized vitamins 
check out their website here  

thank you for reading!

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.bright tassels.

the moment I saw this skirt I knew I needed to take it home! the color, the tassels, the little cut outs, the fabric ... I could go on and on about why it's THEE perfect summer skirt! everyone needs one in their life ;) it's such a breathable cotton material and I can see myself styling it countless ways this season :) in the summer months I tend to go a little bit more bohemian with my style and start imagining I'm like a gypsy or something ;) it's so fun! 
do you change your style from season to season??

Navi was killing me in this adorable little dress, the details embroidered on are the exact color match to my skirt so you know we just HAD to coordinate our looks?! ;) with undone hair, no shoes, we are ready for those long summer days! we don't go to bed until 10:30 or later ;) it's just too nice outside to stop playing! and this bump you guys! I feel like it just keeps showing up out of nowhere. I felt like I had like nothing and then now I feel like a basketball (and it's only going to get worse ;) haha) I'm almost 22 weeks and already feel a little ahead of the game with all the baby clothes washed, starting to organize the girls' closet and (working on) picking out a name. usually I procrastinate until the end on everything but I just want to be prepared this time! 

shop my wedges and other similar styles :) 

coral skirt (also comes in navy) // wedges 

Navi's dress 

thank you for reading! have a wonderful weekend friends! 

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.it's a ... .

well it's true! this october we're due with another sweet and sassy lady! :) I'm so happy to FINALLY share this news with you all. part of me really loves keeping secrets ;) I think of it like a little game - and I just kept saying that I should just not 'officially' announce anything and that one day this fall we'd just all of a sudden have a new baby in our family ;) but it's getting a tad hard to hide. I am not the type to 'flaunt' things, and it's not that I don't love being pregnant because I totally do! it's just not in my personality to go overboard with sharing the word ;) so here I am, at 20 weeks spilling the beans that we -are- in fact PREGNANT! and are so so happy! we've known since the last day of february that we were pregnant and I feel just so blessed! it took us 1 1/2 years about to get pregnant with Navi and honestly only about a month with this one ;) it's been so fun to see her at the ultrasounds, and this past week was when we found out for sure that our babe, is indeed a girl! 

Navi is going to be the best big sister! she loves baby dolls and is obsessed with kids her age and younger, anytime we see a child out somewhere she has to wave and say hi. she's just so friendly and wants to hug them all! she's the biggest helper and just wants to please! she's the snuggliest, funniest, and wants to do everything that everyone else is doing. she's growing up too fast - and I'm just trying to soak in all of her adorableness! ;) she's so very loved and we're excited to add another 'diva' to the mix. I grew up having a brother right under me, my sister being 5 years younger .. we did grow up and play together but once I started those teen years I was jealous I didn't have a closer relationship with my sister. (now that we're adults we're very close!) I'm hopeful that Navi and this little one will grow up being the very best of friends. I'm so grateful to our Heavenly Father for trusting us with another beautiful baby. the timing is perfect for us, and I can't even wait to meet her! 

I feel in denial that it's a girl again (just because that's what we secretly, not so secretly wanted ;) I can't even describe the excitement I have over this new baby. seeing her face, her lips so perfectly, her tiny hands and toes in the ultrasound this week made it all so real. I'll be honest I wasn't having a big connection with this baby as much as Navi - fear of 'how could I love another as much as I love my first baby?' crept in .. I know that's so foolish to think (however not uncommon), I think everyone goes through those thoughts of the unknown but after seeing our littlest, growing girl this week, I know without a doubt I'll love her the same as our Navi girl. 

this pregnancy so far ...

the first trimester was hard, I was definitely a lot more sick, and was SO exhausted, seriously all I wanted to do was sleep and eat ;) eating is the only thing that helped my nausea. I've craved hamburgers, and a lot of eggs! I'm used to wearing flowy, loose tops so I've tried hiding it as long as possible ;) but I definitely have a little bump there! I'm carrying low (but I did with Navi too) so I think nothing of it. I've gained about 15 pounds so far - eeh! I certainly don't work out or watch what I eat ;) and hey, if my body needs food I'm not going to stop it. I can squeeze into literally 1 pair of my regular jeans and then usually at home I'm in sweat pants ;) my skin was breaking out pretty bad but my hair and nails seem to be growing like weeds, which I'm grateful! I've been using my 'bio oil' and trying hard to stay hydrated which I believe has helped protect against stretch marks. I can tell you right now I'll be living in the pool this summer! I feel very fortunate to have such a supportive and loving husband that deals with my crazy emotions! he really is -thee- perfect man to be dealing with all of the estrogen we'll have in our home ;) haha! as for names, we are stumped! absolutely clueless. well we have a few ideas but nothing sounds quite right yet. I'm going to try not stressing over the name until I see her, and I -hope- by then we'll know what suits her best :) who else loves to pick the name far in advance??? with Navi - I just knew, my first girl would be named that, and now I've used my favorite name ;) so I'm open to suggestions. 

 photography : c/o Nash's mom Vicki :) (visit her blog here)

 ... see Navi's gender reveal here 

so now what?? posts have been a little sparce the past few months and I certainly haven't been super involved in my lipsense business either. I took a bit of a backseat as I was getting over the sickness and adjusting to the busy life of an almost 2 year year old ;) hello! wake up call for when there are two kiddos in this house! as for my blog .. you can expect outfit posts as usual (maternity style ;) and a lot more kids home and fashion here too :) I'm curious, what would you like to see more of here on my site?? 

have a fabulous day my friends!

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