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I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day yesterday celebrating all the wonderful women of influence in your life :) it's such a happy day because I think most everyone can think of their mother or mother figure and get emotional .. they have a kind of love that is so close to God's infinite love - there is nothing else like it. 

I'm so lucky to be a mom. I am so blessed to have Navi and Berlin. I'm grateful to my husband and my parents and all those around me that help me to raise my little family. it really does take a village. being a parent is hard - growing up, paying bills, all the worry, all the hard things we go through in this life .. but the love I have for my sweet girl is all worth it. it's worth the late nights, the sad/sick times, the days I know when she's a teenager and we won't see eye to eye. I will love her then too. you don't just quit being a mom. when I'm 89 years old - I'll still get phone calls for advice or help .. because mom's seem to know everything. :) I love my own mom so much for all that she is and does. she's so giving and I hope to be as giving as she is. 

Navi's cute romper and my tee shirt are from a friends shop ... here :) and I'm in love with her stuff, she makes custom pieces too, so if you need a specific saying or design - she's your girl! 


romper and tee c/o akvkcreations

I hope you're having a fabulous start to your week and can keep on enjoying those weekend vibes! :) love you all and thank you always for your support!  

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