.being a mother.

being a mom and celebrating my own mom, grandma's and friends makes this day just so much fun. my heart feels for those who wish to be mother's and have not yet had the chance, I know their time will come. those sweet, beautiful children come when the Lord knows they are supposed to, for this knowledge I am grateful. 

I want to share an experience, yesterday I was at Walmart in the photo department grabbing some last minute pictures I had printed of Navi ;) (for mother's day) and the lady working was so sweet, she checked the photos and she surely could tell that Navi in the pictures was indeed my Navi - the lady said how adorable she was, and I thanked her, Navi smiled and just sat by my husband on the little bench. The woman working and I just continued chatting casually while I paid, at the end of the transaction she looked at me and said 'happy mother's day', I smiled and said 'yeah, thank you, happy mother's day to you too' and walked away. I instantly felt awkward - thoughts flooded my mind 'what if she isn't a mom?' 'I didn't see a wedding ring, what if she's not even married?', I just kept thinking how awkward I was and how I probably made her feel uncomfortable - and then I stopped. I thought of how mother's day isn't just for those who ARE moms, and who knows if that cute worker was a mom or not - it doesn't matter. mother's day is about celebrating WOMEN, our own mother's, grandmother's, friends, sisters, ourselves and ALL the awesome influence that we have in this world. just a little thought on that - because I know some that dread this day - and it shouldn't be that way - YOU are celebrated too! YOU are loved too! 

I thought it'd be fun to share a few pictures of Navi growing up because I'm obsessed ;) and duh she's so cute. it's crazy to think how much she's changed and grown - I have an almost 2 year old! seriously tho! where has the time gone?! I've learned so much about myself and about who I want to be for her and I'm so grateful she joined our family :) Navi Taylor - you are the light of our lives! 

happy mother's day to all! 

and here are a few that I got done up for mother's day ;) the ones I printed 

 thank you for reading :) have a fabulous day!! 

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