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today's post I'm SO excited about - I'm sharing SO many great summer pieces and the best part is they are ALL under $25 each! I love finding great deals and so I just had to share these all with you! 
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.floral tee || styled two ways.

this post is in collaboration with Wight Gold .. all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

look 1 || dressy look 

occasion : perfect for date night or going out with friends

quick tip : throw on heels and a pretty necklace to take any tee shirt and jeans look to the next level! (I kept my jewelry simple and all gold, while the shoes and tee can shine and take the spotlight!)

tee c/o wight gold (shop the post below)

look 2 || casual look 

occasion : perfect for play dates at the park or neighborhood summer parties

quick tip : wear some lipstick and pattern/color mix in your accessories to make the look a bit more girly and fun! (you'll notice I kept my hat and shoes all within the blue color scheme, keeping things cohesive and not crazy)

tee c/o wight gold (shop the post below)

thank you for reading! I'm so excited about Wight Gold's new arrivals and this top is the softest fabric ever! I love it so much, I've worn it a handful of times already ;) it really is the cutest tee for summer!

which look is your favorite?? the dressy date night outfit? or the casual & playful one?

to shop the post and get a similar look, use these image links :) 

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.denim & summer neutrals.

this outfit has a very 'Madewell' vibe that I very much like. while I've personally never shopped at Madewell - I certainly love their style. I picked up my white top and denim jacket at a few different boutiques around so I thought I'd share how to get my look here ... 

 ;) I've got to say, my sunglasses and my white blouse are my two favorites this summer! I can't wait to style them in so many more ways :) and you won't believe these sunglasses are only $5! I loved them so much I also bought them in black. my bag is old but I found similar options and linked them above too :) 

there's just something so crisp about the white and denim with a pop of pink that I love so much. if you follow anyone on instagram, then you're probably seeing a whole slew of ladies in white tops and cute denim bottoms - it's taking over I swear! I even got looking at my feed and realized I've been dressing that way so much lately. white and denim will never go out of style and where pink is my favorite color - that too will always remain an important part of my style :) 

have a fabulous weekend my friends!
thank you so much for all your love and support :) 

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.pink & white // summer sandal picks.

1-6 cute summer sandals.

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 

I absolutely love all of the pink and white I'm seeing in stores and throughout SO many brand names! all these sandals are less than $70 and I could find room for all of them in my summer wardrobe - what do you think??? which are your favorites??? 

(most all of these shoes above are also available in other colors - click the linked numbers to see the full color selection) ;) I've also linked a bunch of other cute shoes for summer below :) 

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.floral ruffle.

this tee just makes me so happy you guys! I've worn this outfit twice because it's just so comfortable but I still feel right on trend and so feminine! it gets SO hot in the summer and I just hate layering - I love that this white top isn't see through ;) and that it still has personality with the flower print and the ruffle sleeve detail! it's a win win!! and I truly think everyone should own this tee - I tucked it in, but it'd be a cute tunic top with leggings or tied in a knot too :) 

I'm such a fan of floral prints and this one is really pretty, (like '-really-' pretty). the colors are so perfect for literally ANY season. because sometimes I like wearing flowers on my shirts in the winter too - and this one would be fabulous for any occasion or weather happenings 

wight gold floral top c/o // abercrombie denim // j.crew loafers, old // old navy sunglasses (on sale)

thanks for reading! I linked below a bunch of cute loafers I'm loving this season below ;) I hope you're having a fun week so far! mine has been go-go-go and it just isn't stopping ... we've got a vacation coming up in a few weeks and it seems I just can't relax until then! anybody else have fun trips this summer??? 

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.mom life is the best life.

I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day yesterday celebrating all the wonderful women of influence in your life :) it's such a happy day because I think most everyone can think of their mother or mother figure and get emotional .. they have a kind of love that is so close to God's infinite love - there is nothing else like it. 

I'm so lucky to be a mom. I am so blessed to have Navi and Berlin. I'm grateful to my husband and my parents and all those around me that help me to raise my little family. it really does take a village. being a parent is hard - growing up, paying bills, all the worry, all the hard things we go through in this life .. but the love I have for my sweet girl is all worth it. it's worth the late nights, the sad/sick times, the days I know when she's a teenager and we won't see eye to eye. I will love her then too. you don't just quit being a mom. when I'm 89 years old - I'll still get phone calls for advice or help .. because mom's seem to know everything. :) I love my own mom so much for all that she is and does. she's so giving and I hope to be as giving as she is. 

Navi's cute romper and my tee shirt are from a friends shop ... here :) and I'm in love with her stuff, she makes custom pieces too, so if you need a specific saying or design - she's your girl! 


romper and tee c/o akvkcreations

I hope you're having a fabulous start to your week and can keep on enjoying those weekend vibes! :) love you all and thank you always for your support!  

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.being a mother.

being a mom and celebrating my own mom, grandma's and friends makes this day just so much fun. my heart feels for those who wish to be mother's and have not yet had the chance, I know their time will come. those sweet, beautiful children come when the Lord knows they are supposed to, for this knowledge I am grateful. 

I want to share an experience, yesterday I was at Walmart in the photo department grabbing some last minute pictures I had printed of Navi ;) (for mother's day) and the lady working was so sweet, she checked the photos and she surely could tell that Navi in the pictures was indeed my Navi - the lady said how adorable she was, and I thanked her, Navi smiled and just sat by my husband on the little bench. The woman working and I just continued chatting casually while I paid, at the end of the transaction she looked at me and said 'happy mother's day', I smiled and said 'yeah, thank you, happy mother's day to you too' and walked away. I instantly felt awkward - thoughts flooded my mind 'what if she isn't a mom?' 'I didn't see a wedding ring, what if she's not even married?', I just kept thinking how awkward I was and how I probably made her feel uncomfortable - and then I stopped. I thought of how mother's day isn't just for those who ARE moms, and who knows if that cute worker was a mom or not - it doesn't matter. mother's day is about celebrating WOMEN, our own mother's, grandmother's, friends, sisters, ourselves and ALL the awesome influence that we have in this world. just a little thought on that - because I know some that dread this day - and it shouldn't be that way - YOU are celebrated too! YOU are loved too! 

I thought it'd be fun to share a few pictures of Navi growing up because I'm obsessed ;) and duh she's so cute. it's crazy to think how much she's changed and grown - I have an almost 2 year old! seriously tho! where has the time gone?! I've learned so much about myself and about who I want to be for her and I'm so grateful she joined our family :) Navi Taylor - you are the light of our lives! 

happy mother's day to all! 

and here are a few that I got done up for mother's day ;) the ones I printed 

 thank you for reading :) have a fabulous day!! 

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