.two floral tops, two bows on toes.

having a little girl I was so excited for all of the 'coordinating' outfits, but to be honest with you I just never really got around to doing all the matching ;) so now that's she's getting older (almost 2!) I figured we should just start :) better late than never right?! and who knows someday she'll love to dress up in mama's clothes and maybe then she'll still want to match me ;) I love matching my mom and sister - it might be my love of family but I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. I'm a sentimental weirdo like that ;) Navi has finally let us put clips in her hair - she's usually running around looking like a wild child with her hair going every which way but somedays (very rarely) I can get a bow or a clip in there and I'm a proud lady! even if it doesn't totally match ;) at least she can see! 

outfit details

our sandals were purchased a year apart and while mine aren't available anymore, her cute sandals are here ... and my top is here, her dress was last fall's old navy line - that's the tricky part about matching, sometimes things can't be purchased from the same store or even the same season - I've just got to keep my eyes peeled for the good stuff ;) 

Navi is just too fun and I love that she's so curious and loves being outside! we're definitely excited for many adventures this summer! what do you love to do outside with toddlers??? 

thank you for reading! hope you're having a great week! 

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