.slouchy floral sweater.

you know when you're in an outfit, and you think .. fine, this will do. that was this look for me the other day. I wasn't too happy and honestly wasn't feeling the light wash denim ;) but hey, they were all I had upstairs - the rest of my jeans are in the dryer - I'm waiting for them to show up in my dresser but that could take a while ;) so these ones just had to work. I put on my favorite pink flats and created a new lipsense combination (layered three shades to create this pretty pink!) and I'm actually happy seeing the look together in pictures! :) I had errands to run and we went out for burgers and fries after, stopping at Fizz for our fav the "red cream fizz" and headed for home :) 

sometimes being simple and working with what you have is the best, and turns out being better than you could've thought too :) like, I typically only use small bags or cross body styles and this larger tote is one of my biggest, least used bags. I put all Navi's diaper bag stuff inside and was so excited about not having to carry an 'actual' diaper bag - we could just haul the diapers and snacks in with all my good stuff instead :) I'm super shocked that almost 2 years in I'm -barely- starting to do that! 

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lipsense shade .. one layer 'dark pink', one layer 'luv it', one layer 'apple cider' topped with glossy gloss, to shop lipsense head here :) follow on instagram and facebook

floral cardigan thrifted c/o uptown cheapskate (local shop) // rebecca minkoff handbag, old // nordstrom flats // hollister denim, old 

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.back to the bold.

so excited to be sharing this bright look with you today :) it rained all day yesterday, these pictures were done on sunday and I'm so glad we were able to snap a few cute shots because it's been really hard to get pictures for the blog lately. I feel like I've just been so busy, Nash finished up this semester of school about a week ago and it's been good to just unwind and get back to having him home :) whenever it's poor weather I want to bring out ALL my brightest and happiest pieces because I'm not a rain loving kind of girl ;) you know those people that live for rainy days - that's not me. 

I live for sunshine and warm weather :) spring and summer have got to be my favorites - but they can be the trickiest to shop for. this year I've been gravitating towards a lot of white or neutral tones, like grays or tans paired with denim. but for my look for church on sunday, I wanted something more fun ;) I've never been afraid of mixing together colors or patterns and pulling out the olive in the dress to match the shoes, and the coral bag to coordinate with the floral print really was perfection. I had never put these pieces together before and I really liked the outcome :) so go on, and try something new this week :) if you're more cautious, I wore the denim jacket to keep this look grounded, to have something neutral that the outfit wouldn't be completely bright and wild ;) 

and how adorable is Navi in her little sunday best?? Nash (my husband) dressed her! 

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wight gold dress (last year) c/o // garage jacket, old // nordstrom shoes, last year // rebecca minkoff bag, found at Nordstrom Rack in stores 

thank you so much for reading my friends! I so appreciate your support :) have a beautiful week 

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.finding the perfect wedding shoe.

finding the perfect wedding shoe

strappy nude // mint // pink sandals // blue 

yellow // dark pink // light pink // studded t strap 

pink high heel // satin ruffle // gray ankle strap // metallic 


more pretty options ..

when it comes to finding the PERFECT shoe for your wedding dress, it can be a little intimidating. I consider a few things ...

 1) what is the overall 'feel' or 'vibe' of your wedding/dress/decor? 

 my theme was vintage so I didn't want my shoes to be too trendy or take up too much attention, as I wanted the focus to be on my dress. I opted for a nude heel, about 3 inches tall (so my dress wouldn't drag) and they were open toed (my dress was more tapered near my feet so a pointed toe style would've stuck out) it's SO important to accommodate details like that regarding the dress as to which style of shoe you should even be in the market for ;) 

this also pertains to your location, your venue, your style ...

choose a pair of shoes that compliments and goes along with your theme, I know brides that have had their receptions in a barn, and their vibe is more country so they wear fun cowgirl boots. or if you are having a lot of gold and white at your reception to have a shimmering pair of gold sandals. if sunflowers are your main flower in your bouquet, a bright yellow heel would be gorgeous to coordinate with that! there are so many ways to tie in colors, textures and patterns that fit perfectly with all other elements of your wedding day. 

2) do you want your shoes to be a focal point or blend in and compliment?

there is no right or wrong answer, some brides want neon pink shoes to contrast their brilliant white gown, while others want a more subtle look with a metallic, a nude or a blush. 

3) how much money do I spend?

this honestly comes down to your own budget, and if you have a love for shoes. I LOVE shoes, but I spent only about $30 on my wedding shoes (I found them at Payless! big shocker, I know! they were really cute and at that time in my life I didn't have the budget for a designer pair) looking back now I'm still proud of the shoes I chose. if you find a pair of designer shoes I always say make sure they aren't too 'trendy', you want the most wear out of them since you are spending more money on them. I honestly would choose a pair of shoes (if you are spending more $$$) that you'll want to wear even after your wedding day, I have heard of too many stories where women only wear that particular pair the day of and then never wear them again. 

in the image above are a variety of shoes I'm personally loving this season for wedding shoe options :) there are literally zillions of fun choices out there and there really is no right or wrong ;) as long as you're staying true to you and your style! you will LOVE your choice - now final tip - just make sure they're comfortable enough for you to stand in, dance in and take pictures in ;) because you'll be in them a while. 

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congratulations to all you brides out there and remember to have fun! 

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.white lace & cognac leather.

I have an odd love of matching things, and this cognac strap goes perfectly with these espadrilles from Sole Society - so of course a pairing had to be made! I love how light and summery they feel and especially paired with a white lace blouse (how could I not?!) I realized also that I have a super similar look from last year here .. my style stays constant, I tend to gravitate towards the same types of things and I'm okay with that - I'm also okay with being an outfit repeater! darn it, if I'm buying something I sure hope to get my money's worth ;) and these espadrilles have stood the test of time with me .. I literally wear them every day in the summer! they come in a few colors (you may not even regret getting them all ;) just saying ;) I hope you have an amazing Easter weekend! 

thank you so much for reading :) I don't normally do weekend posts but I was too excited to get this fun outfit up and let's be real - it was actually going to be up friday, but I forgot ;) so there's that.

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.two floral tops, two bows on toes.

having a little girl I was so excited for all of the 'coordinating' outfits, but to be honest with you I just never really got around to doing all the matching ;) so now that's she's getting older (almost 2!) I figured we should just start :) better late than never right?! and who knows someday she'll love to dress up in mama's clothes and maybe then she'll still want to match me ;) I love matching my mom and sister - it might be my love of family but I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. I'm a sentimental weirdo like that ;) Navi has finally let us put clips in her hair - she's usually running around looking like a wild child with her hair going every which way but somedays (very rarely) I can get a bow or a clip in there and I'm a proud lady! even if it doesn't totally match ;) at least she can see! 

outfit details

our sandals were purchased a year apart and while mine aren't available anymore, her cute sandals are here ... and my top is here, her dress was last fall's old navy line - that's the tricky part about matching, sometimes things can't be purchased from the same store or even the same season - I've just got to keep my eyes peeled for the good stuff ;) 

Navi is just too fun and I love that she's so curious and loves being outside! we're definitely excited for many adventures this summer! what do you love to do outside with toddlers??? 

thank you for reading! hope you're having a great week! 

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.what's trending for spring.

trendy spring pieces

shop the look by clicking the links below :) 
a few things you'll be seeing everywhere this season are ruffles, embroidery, pink and neutrals! so basically all of my favorite things ;) what's your favorite spring trend?? I'm crushing hard on these shoes and this bag - hopefully adding them to my closet ;) fingers crossed!

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