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when you don't have pockets, so your phone becomes an accessory -- cool story no? ;) I'll admit, my husband and I are not trained professional photographers or editors, so when a shoot turns out to be magic then we're both extra happy :) I don't have super crazy high expectations for my images just because I know we're still getting the hang of taking the pictures ourselves - but I have to shout out to my man, he does a really great job. he pays attention to what I'm looking for in a shoot as well as watches lighting and all that good stuff ;) after 3 years of being my photographer we've decided to start taking classes and learning more about our camera so we can grow even better! :) so any recommendations are welcome ;) 

so speaking of lighting - I love, love, love, love, looooooove the way the lighting in these pictures looks :) something about the time of day, the way the sun is starting to go down .. mm it looks warm doesn't it? ;) funny though, how it was only like 30 degrees AND windy! but the weather made for great skirt and hair movement ;) so I'll take it! 

this blouse I found at Kohl's last week and couldn't NOT take it home with me ;) the floral print and the ruffles were calling my name! the LC Lauren Conrad collection always gets me, she just gets me. I linked below a bunch of super cute things from her recent collections - what I love about Kohl's is they have so many on trend things but you don't have to pay $$$$$$ for them ;) everything I linked below is $50 or less!

I'm really excited for warmer weather to (hopefully) come our way! it snowed a lot this week and the grass is nowhere near being seen right now ... I'm glad we took these pictures sunday evening and that you could see my sunday best! :) I LOVE getting dressed up in skirts and heels - it doesn't happen as much as it used to, so that's my goal for spring/summer - wear skirts and dresses more often, not save them just for sundays ;)

Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad blouse // Shop Stevie skirt // Via Spiga heels // Stripes and Lipstick lip color // Fossil watch // Holly Nichols phone case 

thank you for stopping by! have a fabulous weekend!

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