.chunky sweaters + pretty flowers.

hats are easily my favorite accessory .. reasoning?? hiding my unwashed hair and duh, because they're cute! I feel like I am a collector - I have like 6 different hats that are in my current rotation. I think they're the perfect accessory and can change up the look of any outfit. 

this look I keep wearing but never take the time to document in pictures so when I had the chance I knew I needed to FINALLY get this look on the blog. I wear this cardigan ALL the time! I got it a few months ago and I love that I can wear it with literally EVERY top I own. it's so versatile. and it's so cozy - on the days I don't feel like wearing a coat, but it's still a bit chilly out - it's the best layering piece. I paired it with my orange floral blouse and I love the colors together. orange has not always been 'my' color, but this blouse changed my mind. 

the past little bit I've gone through some weird emotional times, feeling so drained and feeling so inspired. I'm grateful to all of my opportunities. opportunities with my blog, my job outside my home, my lipsense business, my calling to serve in the Relief Society, my dreams of doing more with fashion, my love for my family - I feel so blessed to be able to do all of these things. I realize somedays I do and will feel tired but I'm excited as I move forward with a renewed attitude and sense of self and confidence that I CAN do these things.

thanks for coming by and reading today :) you're amazing and I love all of your support!

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