.the turtleneck.

I don't always loooooove layering cardigans over everything, so a quick fix is wearing a cute top 
-under- your tank tops, in today's case, a turtleneck under a lace peplum tank. I really love the mix of casual and dressy and guess what??? I'm still warm because of this cozy long sleeve but I don't miss out on showing off my favorite top silhouette - the peplum! 

I love that turtlenecks are so versatile - I haven't owned one in probably 10 years (I used to think they were awful ;) but now that I have this adorable striped one - I may branch out and buy some more), turtlenecks are a classic staple piece in anyone's wardrobe. I went for a pattern, but there are so many solid options as well, right now the stripe is on sale at J.Crew, as well as my lace peplum ;) so if you get both I'd love to see how you style them! and it just wouldn't be my outfit if I didn't have a little splash of something pink or floral?? ;) my bag is also on major sale at Kohl's here! I linked a bunch of similar options below as well :) 

J.Crew turtleneck (on clearance!), J.Crew lace peplum (on clearance too!), Kohl's floral bag, H&M booties, found in store 

thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you're enjoying your week so far! we've got a lot of snow ;) so I'm grateful I got these pictures done last week! what's the weather like where you're at??? 

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