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I'm in love with this tee shirt SO much! seriously, pink and blue in the greatest print - LIPSTICK! mwah-hahahaha, that's my happy evil laugh ;) if you follow along on instagram, you've already seen me sporting it (mostly in my IG stories) ;) it's the comfiest top ever... so pretty much you just need to get one already. best part too, there's TONS of prints (so if you're not as obsessed with lipstick as I am, then you can wear whatever you like ;) not forcing you to like what I like) but hey, I AM doing a fun giveaway on my IG with @lularoesamthomas :) it's ALL about lipsense and lularoe! and 4 winners will be chosen! yayyyyy! 

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I love LipSense because it lasts 4-18 hours and doesn't smudge, smear, or kiss off! I can eat, drink, and SMILE without it coming off and having to worry I will get the lipstick on anything (or my teeth!) I can kiss my husband, my baby, wear a white shirt and it does not transfer! if you're not a big lipstick fan, that's okay, they have neutral colors too - I'm wearing PINK CHAMPAGNE in the pictures here and LOVE IT! :) you can also use their other products; foundation, eyeshadows, skincare products, lash serum, lip plumper, self tanner .. the list goes on! contact me for information on becoming a distributor ;) which is only $55 a year to get discounts (20-50% off), earn money, there are no monthly sales requirements or minimums, it can be as laid back or you can be as hardcore boss lady as you want to make this business :) I'm here to help! xo

lipstick tee and leggings c/o lularoesamthomas 

thanks for reading my friends and good luck on the giveaway - winners will be chosen on 2/20! 

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